LOUD Party
Thanks almost everyone for coming to my LOUD Party! It was possibly the best night of my life ever! Highlights include:

1] George using a lamp as a mic stand
2] Josh Flannery
3] Lent
4] Smoke & carbon monoxide detectors
5] Destroying a snare drum
6] Bleeding on my sister-in-law's garter
7] Wheelchair use
8] Hitting a cymbal with a giant plastic piggy bank Pepsi bottle filled with hundreds of pop caps causing it to split open and spilling the caps all over the floor
9] Literally ROFLing
10] Someone made a cheese sandwich and just left it in the kitchen. Also they opened the bag of bread on the wrong end. Did YOU do this?????
11] Jacob playing expert fake drums
12] French fry & Cheeto casserole
13] Playing poker with Phil [includes victory]
14] Speakers constantly falling from their perches due to loudness

Guests included:

a] Kevin Ries
b] Amy Rudnik
c] Joe Schmidt
d] Lauren Grove
e] Tim Pucke
f] Keri O'Dell
g] Alex Swoma
h] Anne Sawyer
i] Josh Krug
j] Danielle Kramer
k] Mike Burden
l] Tom Domino
j] John Bertke
k] George Seibel
l] Dan Seibel
m] Phil Hartfiel
n] Chelsea Broderick
o] Jacob Carson
p] Tim Schmidt
q] Josh Flannery
r] Jess Whatshername
s] Hannah Thatonegirl
t] Some Guy Named Cory
u] Some Guy Named Gary
v] 5 Other People

Hey send me the photos you took

I told Grandma about the LOUD Party
Holy shit Billy Mays is on Leno tonight

Howwah yah?

I have 2 subscribers on YouTube,, This guy and this guy:

Hardcore dancing will never die

Purple Face

Grandma fell last night and fucked up her arm and head pretty bad but she's doing alright

Sorry this one is kind of boring and also a week late. HEY I want you guys to comment with questions you'd like me to axe her. Don't make them too complicated. Make them multiple choice or something

Fevers are otherwise pretty cool
Have you ever had those craaaaazy dreams while running a fever? The ones that last forever and reflect your doings of the day? I had fallen ill this week and had had such an occurrence after playing Assassin's Creed all day. 5 hours of virtually jumping across roofs and climbing walls and assassinating people what fun

Last year I had the same problem after watching a bunch of Super Smash Bros. Brawl Japanese YouTube videos

I finally beat Mega Man 9


ok I'm a dork you can go back to bed

Funny stuff
Yesterday I saw the funniest thing I've seen in a long time,, I was at the skatepark and this dude was atop the miniramp and was attempting a handstand on his skateboard but he flubbed it up,, which caused his board to fly to his left, under a fence, off of the ramp platform and into a door, which set of the very loud emergency exit alarm. Oh man I was laughing for 3-5 minutes it was so perfect

In case you haven't heard I've been meeting the most interesting people on Xbox Live. Like I met this fella who sounds exactly like Mitch Hedberg who also has a drug addiction like Mitch Hedberg. Half the time I was playing with him he was on the phone with his dealer. OH and I met this guy who I forgot to befriend who plays Tourettes Guy sound effects over his headset. I would be attempting to shoot a face off and he plays WHO WRINKLED MY RANDY TRAVIS POSTER????? And he plays an AHH SHIT!!!!! if he misses someone with a sniper rifle shot, etc. Mega funny stuff

The nWo theme song has made it onto my "Best Ever" playlist which only has 23 other songs

This webbsite is hilarious but this may be the funniest page on all the internet,, or maybe this

Speaking of George hey George you are awesome

In the middle of watching Beauty And The Beast Amy informed me that people clocks don't have wieners - thanks Amy

Check out this cat:

A real update
Man this week has been pretty grade-A awful

1up.com which is one of my favorite gaming webbsites was purchased by UGO, and they fired a lot of the 1up regulars [which is the reason why the webbsite is great] and thus consequently 3 of my favorite podcasts are no more


Then a huge check I wrote cleared and now I have 000 dollars and 00 cents,, I'm thinking of getting a second job

I really could have used this money to buy a real mattress jeez

Work was stupid

Saturday my brother's movers canceled on him so I had to help him move lots of heavy boxes for eight hours on three hours of sleep

Later that evening I played poker for three hours and won zero hands

Plus no one would play euchre

Highlights: free Penn Station, finally understood the cousin tree, met this guy on Xbox Live that sounds exactly like Mitch Hedberg, should be getting $250 from Club Essential LLC for referring Joe Schmidt, and

Hopefully things will get better now because I'm watching Rumble In The Bronx and Amy is going to make me a pantcake breakfast

No, but I put syrup in my eye

2008 was awesome

Happy birthday dad

The sequel

Denise are you absolutely positive this is not your sister

Here is my Christmas list

Would you like to xchange gifts let me know

Loose ends
No Adventures With Grandma this week as she is not feeling well

I have a new bff and his name is Animeiscool

I bought a bed frame from Mikea 2.5 weeks ago and it is on sale Friday for $100 less. You only get a week to price match so I hope I find a $100 bill somewhere

George where the heck are you I miss you a whole lot


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