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I haven't updated my journal all year

Poor LiveJournal

Here are a couple of Find Kevout's from DEP: Columbus DEP VAC VII V sorry for the terrible delay:

Will update DEP VAC VII V happenings to the webb shortly don't you worry

Hey do any of my Phantasy Star Online friends still read this thing because finally after 10 years I got my character to level 100

Great post Kevin

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Never delay that long again.

No worries I will not delay so much next time

i was at that show from the first video although you cant see me cuz i was strongarmed from the front
good show tho

Might you perhaps be in this picture

Hey it's Qohip!

I played some PSO a few months ago too. MEMORIES.

I saw this when you first posted it, but I think I was on vacation or something, and then I had surgery, but something made me remember it tonight, so there you go!

Do you still have all that glorious hair??

I was waiting for your comment

Yes my hair is still bountiful

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