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DEP Happnings [DEP HAP]

I have finally posted the occurring events from DEP VAC V and DEP VAC VI. Sorry about the delay. DEP VAC V was over the summer with Amy and DEP VAC VI was last week and it sucked major ass. But you can read all about it there

Here are a few cool pix to whet your intertite:

Gothic Chris Kattan

ok thanks

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(Deleted comment)
Go to the site it's awful

where are pix of me/mexican food place
I keep getting DEP Vac V and CocoRosie Vac confused cause I was like "wait where is Mo and Charlie??"

I only have 1 picture of that and it's on my phone

i haven't seen goth christ katan in so long :[

You really need to look harder this is sort of important

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