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Best of luck

Edit: Here is another one but I can't seem to find myself. Can you find me? I should be right in the middle in the second row:

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I can clearly see you flip your fluffy hair at 2:11

Disqualified because you saw me post this

(Deleted comment)
Bill R sounds great but I think Jeff is faking most of this

I was never completely sold on Jeff, but of course I am bitter

Do you have New Years Eve plans I forget what you sed

Also def see you headbanging at 1:07 in the SCS vid
Also Ben tries way too hard these days agree/disagree

Are you sure that's me

I got SCS dedicated to me in Grand Rapids :)))))

Given your coordinates it makes sense

Did you have any other close encounters of the DEP kind

I'm not sure it looks like me

Nothing too notable but I'll update soon

Were you wearing a navy blue shirt

Clark Sure Has Aged [black]

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