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Needs more VAC
Hey would anyone like to go on a DEP VAC next week? "George" is instead going to "New York City" to visit his "dad" on his "birthday". Peh!

Tuesday, June 16th - Pontiac, MI
Wednesday, June 17th - Chicago, IL
Thursday, June 18th - Columbus, OH [our state's capital]

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let your hair grow until it becomes a dome around your face.
a hair dome.

I have been there

Come on DEP VAC

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
That's what a lot of my cool friends are saying

(Deleted comment)
Keep looking you have a week

"close enough, it's just a different version!
"Kev, you're funny"


sorry i didn't return your call this evening. i'm on a business trip in cleveland and was out late with co-workers.

i'll go to the pontiac show.

Cool mind if we sleep on your floors

who is we?

probably not a problem as long as i can kick you out in the morning. i'll sleep in a bit and go into work around 10.

Me and Amy

Sounds good I want to get to Chicago early the next day anyhow

Buy your ticket

(Deleted comment)
Will do, but we will probably be spending most of Thursday in Chicago, going to the Columbus show, then coming right home

Def soon though

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